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Our wedding day five years ago already

Our anniversary five years ago already

Yesterday marked five years since we got married. A lot has changed in these five years. So we moved, had a son and are now waiting for our little daughter. Big events in five years.

Yesterday we celebrated our wedding anniversary with the three of us.

Seven o'clock ’morning our little man came bouncing into the bedroom. He had made something beautiful with grandma and asked every day if he could give the present already. Friday morning was finally allowed. Sir went under our bed, his hiding place for presents, and reappeared with a very nicely wrapped present. He had made a big drawing with a picture, hearts and kisses for mom and dad.

Very sweet. Mister was very proud of his craft and we quickly gave the drawing a place in the dining room. The husband had also done his best. A big bunch of red roses.

I love it!

Since my belly is bursting, pregnancy-wise, it was not assumed that I had arranged anything. But nothing was less true.
I was prepared! A few weeks ago I had the silent hope that I might already be in the hospital. I thought about working ahead so I could give something on our wedding day. In between jobs, when little and big man were not around, I did some crafting.

I turned a stock of poker cards into a booklet. In it I put 52 reasons why I love the husband.
I can tell you that's not easy. It is so easy to fall into generalities, but then inspiration quickly stops with me. So I sat down behind the laptop and started typing like a wild man. Focusing and dissecting all generalities.

At one point I was on a roll and even had too many reasons. Hoppa, good job! I can tell you that my present was well received.

wedding day

’In the afternoon we had lunch with the three of us. Waddling through the hustle and bustle of the holiday week. Have a nice lunch and waddle back again. Then I needed a couple of hours to recover, my pelvis hurts me a lot so this outing was the max for today again.

But all in all, we had a nice day.

Now take it easy again because it promises to be a warm day. It normally can't be hot enough for me, but with this big belly I find it a little less funny. Mak on and wait for the arrival of our baby boy.

Do you always do something special on your wedding day or anniversary??

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