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Hay fever- these drops help with sore

Hay fever- these drops help with sore red eyes

The time of pollen, pollen and dust has come again. Chances are that people with hay fever are now experiencing a lot of red, sore and tired eyes. I was sent eye drops for my husband which are specially for irritated eyes.

Time to try out.

Hay fever or no hay fever

In the beginning it sometimes bothered me when my husband came home with red, tired eyes. Was this from staring at a laptop all day or does he suffer from hay fever. In winter he often has dry, tired eyes.

That's not weird either. Considering he sits inside and looks at a screen all day. As soon as the hay fever season arrives, I'll know immediately.

He keeps sneezing, constantly has red eyes indicates that his eyes are sore.

What is hay fever

In the period from late May to August, in nice, dry weather, when the trees and grasses start blooming, you can suffer from hay fever. Hay fever is one of the most common allergies. It is a hypersensitivity reaction of the body to pollen from some grasses, plants and trees, which are in bloom.

This pollen, also called pollen, floats in the air and is then inhaled. Hypersensitivity to the pollen is caused by your body's defense mechanism being messed up. An allergic reaction occurs in the body. This releases the substance histamine, which causes the symptoms that occur.

The mucous membranes of the nose, throat and eyes often become irritated. People can be incredibly affected by hay fever (1)

Eye drops against hay fever

In the winter I often get eye drops for my husband. Well I must say he is a bit tricky when it comes to eye drops. He doesn't do this himself. He can't do that, is his standard reply. Tricky because I'm not always around.

I drip my eyes with medication twice a day every day, so I don't really understand what his problem with the drops is.

Self eye drops

Now I was sent home eye drops from VisionDirect. Two bottles. One for painful irritated eyes and a bottle of eye drops for lens wearers, who suffer from dry eyes.

On the site of VisionDirect I also found a video about ‘self eye drops‘. Before we started using the drops, I first showed them to the husband so that he could use them at work as well.

Drops against irritated and sore eyes

It has been going on the radio more often in recent weeks that hay fever season was starting. This was immediately the moment I noticed this in him too and he started using the drops. He watched the video on the site and was not very enthusiastic, but of course he understands that it is nice to give his irritated eyes a rest once in a while, even at the office. The drops he is satisfied with. It is not painful when he uses the drops and they actually give immediate relief.

He definitely notices that his eyes become moister and although the redness is not immediately gone, it certainly feels better. Advantage is that these drops can also be used with contact lenses.

Everclear Drops for lens wearers

At VisionDirect you can find many types of eye drops. For myself I received Evercleare Drops. Drops that ensure ease of use for lens wearers. I wear Scleral lenses due to the eye disease keratoconus.

These lenses are completely adapted to my cornea. Because they are difficult to insert, I prefer not to take them out during the day, not even to clean them. The Everclear Drops are ideal. With a drop I moisten the eye and my lenses get cleaner on the surface.

They provide moister eyes, which makes wearing reading more pleasant.

hay fever

I'm excited about the drops. Both after the hay fever stories and the Evercleafr Drops, which I used myself. Both are easy to use and give a good, fresh result in the eye.

On the VisoinDirect site you will find lots of eye drops, but also lens solution, lenses and especially lots of tips and articles on lens use.

Do you suffer from hay fever and what do you use??

photo’s lodiblogt/ free image from Darkmoon_Art pixabay