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How to make tags for a Junk Journal

How to make tags for a Junk Journal

You have a Junk Journal and want to get started with this. But where to start? How to find inspiration and what to use?

Let me throw up some inspiration and ideas here on how to make fun tags for your Junk Journal.

Different journals

Now there are different Journals you can work in. You can have a Junk Journal, a Bullet journal, an art or travel Journal or maybe you use a notebook where you write in, paste in and keep your memories. In case you are now thinking what are all these Journals, you can read up on them here first:

    a Bullet Journal and what is a Junk Journal?
  • Make your own Junk Journal with paper and cardboard. your Travel Journal with it.
  • Turn an old book into an Altered Book Junk Journal.

What are Tags for a Junk Journal?

And then you have a Journal and then? You want to give it meaning. You want to have space to write.

To write down quotes and put your photos, but where do you do this?? Tags are ideal for this. But what exactly are tags? Tags are creative labels that can be placed in your Junk Journal or Bullet Journal.

On this you can write, paste, stamp etc.. Often you make a compartment in your journal, where you can then put this tag in again.

A vintage look

Personally I like the Vintage look in my Junk Journal or Bullet Journal, the tags I usually make, I make with this look. I do this mainly by working with Tim Holtz Distress Ink. These are different colors of ink that all give this vintage look.

Easy to make a tag

Tags come in different sizes and models, you decide how big you want them, what you want to make them with and what materials you want to use. A tag is of course often in the form of a label. If you want both sides to be the same take an old (bank) card and cut one corner off on each side. All in different angles.

You can use these with your tags to get both sides equal (see the video below on this article).

Tools to help you make a tag

Also very easy if you want to make small tags for your Junk Journal then a 3-in-1 Label Punch is very easy. It makes labels, tags or labels in 3 sizes, with a scalloped edge and an eyelet. You can choose from 3 different widths. The length of the tags is up to you.

The eye on the tag is embossed while punching and that makes for a beautiful finish!

Plenty of inspiration

On Youtube or Pinterest you can find enough inspiration to create tags for a junk journal. I will show you some ideas here:

What you need

  • Different kinds of cardboard
  • book pages
  • Distress ink from Tim Holz or another ink pad
  • blending tools or a sponge.
  • stickers
  • stamps
  • lace

How to make these Tags for Junk Journal?

Cut out a label first. You can do this on (colored) paper or use old paper ( think cards, leaflets etc). Cut off two corners at the top (use a template that you make yourself) and stick on the tag.

Use old book pages’s, cardboard, Design paper, whatever you have in the house. And decorate these tags with stamps, stickers, lace, buttons, you can’t think of anything or you can make tags with them.

I show more examples in the video below.

Crafting is fun

It is so nice to clear your head after a working day, by tinkering. That can be anything and you don’t even have to be busy for long. Making a tag you can simply do with all your leftover papers you have around the house.

I hope I’ve given you some more inspiration here and now should you get going and share your creations, please tag me on Instagram @lodiblogt. I love to see your creations!