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Craft ideas for Easter- 4 fun tips

Craft ideas for Easter – 4 great tips

It still takes a while, the Easter days, but how fun is it to get started with this. Here it is spring break now, but also on weekends or Wednesday afternoons you can do crafts with the children. With these craft ideas this will definitely work.

Easter is coming up again

The Easter eggs have been in the stores since January, so we can start coming up with craft ideas for Easter anyway. Nice to work with during spring break or weekends.

Craft ideas for Easter

Doing crafts together with the kids is always fun, especially when you attach a theme to it. Easter is such a time when we can get back to crafting, so hence here are some easy ideas to get started with the kids in advance.

Make an Easter card to send

What you need
  • 2 pieces of paper
  • wool
  • scissors
  • glue
How to make this?

Draw the shape of an Easter bunny or an Easter egg on one of the papers and cut it out. Trace the same shape on the other paper and stick strips of wool on it. glue it well with glue and stick the two sheets together. Nice to send to grandpa and grandma to wish them happy Easter.

Make Easter cards to send fun to send

An Easter garland of Easter eggs

What you need
  • different colors of paper/cardboard
  • a ribbon
  • scissors
  • glue
How to make this

Cut a mold of an Easter egg and draw it over on different colors of paper or cardboard . Stick them in a circle and attach a ribbon at the top. Hang it on the door to brighten up your home a bit in Easter mood

all you need is paper and a ribbon

Make a Pompon

What you need
  • paper/cardboard
  • wool
  • scissors
How to make them

Sketch what you want to make on cardboard first. Cut the shape in half and cut out a circle in the middle. Wrap the wool around the shape You simply pass the wool along the head and paws.

Use good sharp scissors when you cut the wool loose and hold the wool well in the center of the figure, immediately wrap a thread between the cardboard, then the wool stays well in place.

Make a pompon

Easter egg crochet

All you need for this is wool, crochet needles, stuffing and patterns. I made these easter eggs before, the patterns are no longer available, but search pinterest and you will find plenty of fun crochet patterns to crochet easter eggs.

Also, for other fun tips, be sure to check out my Pinterest board holidays! Lots of crafting fun.