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Children – Zapp Detective The Secret Society

Children-Zapp Detective: The Secret Society

After the success of Zapp Detective last year, Zapp comes with a new exciting series for children: the Secret Society. A drama series in which influencers determine the online world. Until someone finds out their secret.

Children can watch and search for the perpetrator!

Zapp Detective

Last year Zapp came with a super exciting Zapp Detective. Eight well-known Zapp faces then stayed in a luxury holiday home for a weekend. Until one of them died and it soon became clear that this was not an accident, but murder!

A detective went looking for the perpetrator and children could search in this exciting series.

The Secret Society

This year Zapp Detective is coming with the Secret Society. This gives children a glimpse into the world of influencers. A world that many children probably have a picture of, because they follow these influencers via social media.

But how influential are these influencers?

Watch and search along

In Zapp Detective: The Secret Society, children can watch the members of this group online and live. They get a look behind the online world of YouTubers, Instagrammers, Zappers and TikTokkers.

A big mystery

Zapp Detective: The Secret Society is actually a big mystery. In the Secret Society there is a small group of ten, very influential influencers who together determine every week who and what that week is trending on social media. They ensure that their followers like, follow, buy or watch things, exactly what they want.

They actually influence the online world.

Nobody knows, nobody knows

What makes it all so exciting is that nobody knows this secret society, even the members do not know who belongs to the society. Until apparently someone has come behind the Secret Society and now these members are trying to eliminate.

Children look along

Children look to find out which influencers are in the secret society and who is the villain.

There is a live stream with the leader of the Secret Society, children can get extra hints via NPO Zapp’s Instagram channel. The ending of the series Live can be followed on YouTube on Friday 26 February. In an exclusive episode with backstage images, the participating influencers open a book about what influence is and they reveal to whom they themselves are influenced.

This video about media literacy will be released on March 5 on the YouTube channel of NPO Zapp.

Zapp Detective: The Secret Society, from Friday, January 8 at 15.00 hours weekly on the YouTube channel of NPO Zapp and from Saturday 9 January weekly at 9.25 hours at KRO-NCRV on NPO Zapp.