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How to turn your bathroom into a bohemian bathroom

How to turn your bathroom into a bohemian bathroom- tips

The bathroom is often a bit boring, a place where coziness is hard to find. Yet with a few adjustments you can create a cozy bohemian bathroom, so this is the place where you can enjoy a little me-time. How?

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The coziness of a bohemian bathroom

What does your bathroom look like? Is it also a bit boring? Of course, the bathroom is often the last place to be remodeled or decorated.

Finally you can ask yourself;’ how often do I come here now?’. Still, brightening up your bathroom is not a bad idea at all. Imagine showering, washing or bathing in a colorful room in the morning.

That immediately gives color to your day? Today I will give you tips on how to turn your perhaps dull bathroom into a cozy bohemian bathroom. After all, bohemian means color, adventure and a relaxed life.

But how do you bring this back into the bathroom?

Washbowl and taps

The best thing in a bohemian bathroom is a black or white oval basin with striking tall faucets. Picture it? Put this basin on a nice sturdy oak cabinet and you immediately have that bohemian look.

But a sleek square basin also fits perfectly into the atmosphere you want to create with these bathroom modifications. Combine the sturdy and robust nature of an oak washbasin cabinet with practicality, because you can store a lot of things in a washbasin cabinet.

Storage in the bathroom

Besides a vanity table, a nice open wooden cabinet also fits well in a bohemian bathroom. Wood gives that bohemian look. Extra storage space is nice in a bathroom anyway, because in addition to your towels and washcloths you can also store your supplies of toiletries.

Natural products

To a bohemian bathroom belong sustainable green products. Products that are better for the environment, think of a shampoo bar or washable cotton pads . But you can also reflect this sustainability in accessories like a bamboo bar soap dish.

Colorful tiles

What fits very well in a bohemian bathroom are colorful tiles. This stands out well with a black or white basin and gives that colorful touch to your bathroom. If your tile is too colorful, choose a cheerful rug for the bathroom floor.

Plants in the bathroom

Green in the bathroom should certainly not be missing to create that cozy bohemian atmosphere. Choose plants that thrive in a bathroom, for example the fern or the spoon plant. If you have the space put them in a nice pot on a wooden stool or on the bathroom cabinet.

Make more of your bathroom

With small adjustments you can make so much more of your bathroom, but also create so much more atmosphere. I clearly prefer the cosiness of a bohemian bathroom, but even with a little color nuance you can give your bathroom and bathroom furniture a completely different atmosphere.