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What made me happy 24

What made me happy 24

I have a nice and varied week behind me. With a touch of Sinterklaas, cozy outings and even a wild rooster. Like every week, today I give you another look at the things that made me happy this past week.

Take a look?

What made me happy

  • My little girl was wearing tights with a skirt for the first time. So cute. Of course she was already wearing dresses but tights were always too big until recently.
  • Sunday we celebrated Sinterklaas with the whole family. A big pile of packages we had to buy for all of us. As you can imagine, it worked out fine.
  • We did another nice round in the woods. We do this more often but it is still nice that we can do it behind our house.

What made me happy 24b

  • I participated in a mommy blogswap. My package arrived and the cheerful packages made me immediately happy. Tomorrow you can read all about it on my blog.
  • Tuesday the weather was lovely so I went to Blijdorp with my mother-in-law and the kids. Always nice to visit the animals. I always find the prairie dogs very funny so I took a wrong selfie there. I did the same, shamelessly, with the crocodiles, butterflies and the snake.
  • This cool win action made me very happy. You can still participate until next Wednesday so feel free to take a guess. Who knows, maybe that beautiful bracelet will show off on your wrist and that of your daughter.

What made me happy

  • I already saw them on Facebook, the wrong Christmas sweaters from Action. I scored a sweater with a moose.
  • With my mom I went to the Beatrix theater for an evening. We went to see the musical The Bodyguard. A real must for a wonderful night out. My Spotify has been playing the movie soundtrack for days, nice nice nice.
  • For a week now there has been a rooster walking behind us. I never see him but I hear him every night. Saturday morning I suddenly heard it close by. When I opened my curtains Mr Rooster was at the window. Yoo-hoo! This handsome Wyandotte rooster now lives with the neighbor's chickens. At least he has his own harem.

What made you happy this week? What were your highlights? Always nice to hear.

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