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Turning an old dress into a skirt in 4 steps

Turning an old dress into a skirt in 4 steps

Years ago I bought some Tante Betsy dresses. Cheerfully colored dresses. I enjoyed wearing them, but they became less and the tightness of the dress, no longer suits me. I don’t want to throw it away so I decided to turn the dress into a skirt.

This is very easy and all you need is elastic and a sewing machine.

Cheerful dresses

Tante Betsy stands for cheerful, colorful dresses, skirts and shirts. I always get happy when I look at the website and for a long time I enjoyed wearing a Tante Betsy dress or skirt. The clothes are of good quality. The red dress I altered, I bought about six years ago I think.

I’ve worn these a lot, but it doesn’t show. My body changed because I don’t sport anymore and I gained weight, you can see that immediately in such a dress. Actually the fit no longer suits my body.

Throwing away is a waste

But throwing away a dress that is actually still good, I don&#8217t do that. The fabric is still far too beautiful. I decided to make a skirt of it. Well I am not a star on the sewing machine, so honestly didn’t know if I could manage it either.

I thought,’I’ll just give it a try. Now I don’t wear them either, if it goes really wrong, then it’s a shame, but now they are in the closet too.’

In 4 steps you are ready

I took the sewing machine out of the attic. Now I’m always trying to get these to work first. This sewing machine belonged to my sister, she left it with my parents when she emigrated to America and since a few years it is at my place. I use it regularly just to make the boys’ jeans.

It’s just a little thing every time to get the thread right. If I do, I’ll go like a rocket on that machine. And now for a skirt.

The pattern is for an A-line skirt with elastic, but of course that can be completely different, just what dress you have that you are going to cut up.

Anyway, the skirt I made in 4 easy steps

  • Cut off the skirt above the waist.
  • Pin the edge in place and make sure the length is right.
  • Put the skirt under the sewing machine and make a band at the top that can hold a wide elastic band. Remember to keep a small piece open.
  • Fit the elastic around your waist and put it through the band via the piece of fabric left open, fasten the two ends and your skirt is done.

Now this creative work always has a very positive effect on me and I actually feel like continuing. Maybe next time I will take a look at how to make a dress. At least a good sewing machine is a requirement.