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Children’s Book Week 2020

Children’s Book Week 2020 ‘ And then ’- The theme books

From Wednesday 30 September to Sunday 11 October is the Children’s Book Week 2020, with the theme this year; ‘ and then ’. You don’t need a time machine to discover other times. Explore all the worlds from then by reading one of the theme books.

Read and read aloud

Reading and reading is so important for the development of children. That is why it is so good that the Children’s Book Week places so much emphasis every year on reading and reading aloud.

Children’s Book Week 2020 ‘ And then ’

During the Children’s Book Week 2020, the children go back in time. Because books bring history to life, making the world of the past tangible. Read exciting stories about knights, move you in wartime or find out everything about antiquity.

Sympathize with Vos and Haas in ancient Egypt in Vos and Haas – the land of the Nile and feel the cold of the rising water in the sea came through the Selma Noort letterbox. You don’t need a time machine to discover other times. Explore all the worlds from then by reading it in, for example, one of these books!

Theme titles

The books are divided into four categories. Below you can see the complete list of children’s books.

Theme titles group 1/2

Hero on sock-bette westera & The Tjong Khing

The incredible but true story about the Dino ’ S-Guido van Genechten

The whole soup-sooted ball ball & Sebastiaan van Doninck

Josephina, a name like a Piano Jaap Robben & Merel Eyckerman

The stone and time. A trip of 150.000 years ago until now Rian Visser & Tineke Meirink

Theme titles group 3/4

Today I am a knight!- Thijs Goverde & Tineke Meirink

Vos and Haas – The Land of the Nile Sylvia Vandenheede & The Tjong Kingh

From small to grand, Marie Curie-Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara & Frau Isa

Forbidden to fly martine Letterie & Rick de Haas

Willewete. The Greek Suzan Boshouwers & Veronica Nahmias

Theme titles group 5/6

Castle in Zicht!On adventure in castles of the Netherlands and Flanders- Ida Schuurman & Ida Good

It’s war outsideAnne Frank and her world- Janny van der Molen & Martijn van der Linden

The sea came through the letterbox-Selma Noort

All Hens!Tough marine stories- diverse & Harmen van Straaten

Professor Klein -Brain – Romanswonderful facts and fascinating facts about the Romans-Sarah Devos & Heleen Brulot

Theme titles group 7/8

bronze. About shiny treasures in foggy marshes-Linda Dielemans & Sanne te Loo

Only Beer was allowed to come. The true story of a girl in the wartime Vivian den Hollander

Now it is later. A book about the time Joke van Leeuwen

Pirate son-Rob Ruggenberg

The Diving Sjoerd Kyper & Sanne te Loo

Nijntje also comes with a book

Especially for the Children’s Book Week is the new cardboard book by Nijntje King’s Castle released. Dick Bruna’s fairytale illustrations take you back in time, to a world of castles and knights.

King’s Castle

The king and queen live in a castle in the woods. Together with the prince and the princess, who like to play hide and seek in the castle garden. The castle also has a bridge and a gate. Who keeps watch there?

Those are the knights! Do you know what a knight is wearing? Look behind the flaps to discover even more about life on a castle.

The Children’s Book Week 2020 is all about history. King’s Castle Fits beautifully with the motto “and then?”And is especially suitable for toddlers and toddlers.

But Miffy has more

In addition to the King’s castle, which was made especially for the Children’s Book Week, two festive Miffy titles have been published: a large, thick flapbook and a colorful cardboard book with die shapes.

The big Miffy Flapjesboek

In this sturdy cardboard book with more than 40 flaps you will find all the subjects that concern toddlers and toddlers. You can see what Miffy does at school and what her favorite toys are. Discover what she sees in the garden with Nina, how she prepares for going to sleep and how Miffy celebrates her birthday with her friends.

What’s part of a birthday party? Just look behind the flaps.

A thick book to browse, watch, name and discover for a long time.

The big Miffy Flapjesboek is available in the bookstore and online.

Miffy looks

Learning words becomes extra fun with this colorful book full of die forms. Can you name or designate the things that Nijntje sees around? Each spread has its own theme, such as in the house, outside and animals.

On all pages in the book, the illustrations are cut out in various shapes and sizes, to stimulate motor skills.

Nijntje Watches is available in the bookstore and online.

Children’s Book Week Gift

The Children’s Book Week Gift 2020 is written by Arend van Dam. You will receive the Children’s Book Week gift when you purchase €12.50 worth of children’s books.

Picture book of the Children’s Book Week

The maker of the picture book of the Children’s Book Week 2020 is MyLo Freeman. The picture book can be purchased from the first day of the Children’s Book Week for € 7.25.