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Kids and less screen time-it actually comes naturally

Children and less screen time – it actually goes without saying

When children are small they like to watch television in the morning. In the evening it often goes back on. However those screen time really becomes less at some point because there is just no time for it anymore.

Kids are busy playing sports

There is always an evening when one of the children is working out, or how about swimming lessons?? Parents may want to watch the news in the evening, but otherwise there are few programs the children want to watch.

Tablet and computer

Now children are of course behind the computer at school and also at home they may well be on the tablet every day. But it is good to make clear agreements about this and thus keep an eye on the use of screen time. After all, children also have to do their homework, learn for school and maybe get some extra exercise as well. Fine with this can be the learning program on the computer are.

This is learning to play. The laptop may turn on more often but is this screen time? You might also like.

Sunday morning screen time

The only morning the TV is on is Sunday morning. From eight o’clock the boys go downstairs and watch a few programs’s back from that week on BOZ. They also watch the Sinterklaas Journaal at a time that suits them.

I’m glad they have less screen time. I have also sometimes caught myself saying that when they were younger, I found it easy when they were behind the screen because let’s face it. The television on or off is up to me!