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Home garden and kitchen fitness

Home fitness – what do you need?

Home garden and kitchen fitness is ideal. You can do this just at home, in your own time and with your own props, but what all do you need if you are sproting from home?

Boot camp for ladies

Once a week I do ‘ladies only’ bootcamp , but that's not enough for my forty-two-year-old body to stay fit. So I work up a sweat three times a week, with the so-called home gym. Just sports, in the house. Whenever I have time, using attributes I have collected over the years.

In this article I take you along and show you how easy it is to exercise at home. You only need three things. a program, fitness clothing and tools. Oh yes and motivation!

Also not unimportant.

Home garden and kitchen fitness program

When you search the net you come across different fitness programs. Suitable to do at home, the so called home garden and kitchen fitness. This is how to exercise at home with Kayla Itsines. A program set up for young girls, but quickly proved to be a great success with the ‘older’ ladies (to which I also belong).

On pdf you get 2 training programs of 12 weeks. This workout is actually a small boot camp every time you follow it

Sports programs’s

But also online you can find a sports program of 18 minutes A fixed program can be experienced as very pleasant, but others find individual training for strength or cardio-yet again fine. This one is on You-Tube. Besides online you can also find trainings in books.

Recently I read the book Killerbody by Faya Lourens and although I do not agree with everything in this book, the exercises are fine and good to do at home.

Fitness clothing

If you work out, the clothes you wear are just as important as when you go to the gym. Even if no one sees you well-breathed clothing is very important and sport is also just more comfortable. Fitness clothing does not have to be expensive.

For example, I recently bought a running cap and gloves ( running I also do) at Kruidvat. What I don't save on are good sneakers. Make sure you have good cushioning, including the load on your knees.

Sports equipment

Sports attributes for home garden and kitchen fitness you can also score at Kruidvat or other stores. Think of a jump rope, but you also regularly see ( mostly after the summer vacations and after January 1) weights or kettlebells on sale and don't find them? An empty bottle filled with sand also serves as a weight.