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Interior design trends 2022- What colors and trends will you come across

Interior design trends 2022- What colors and trends do you see?

Do you always feel like redecorating your home in spring, applying new colors and making a clean sweep?? Now that it is slowly starting to get lighter again in the morning I am starting to get that spring in my head more and more. But what are the interior trends of this year?

I list them.

A big clean

Everything starts with cleaning! Still? With spring approaching, at some point I want to be able to open the windows and doors, let the fresh air flow through the house again and a big (spring) cleaning can help with that.

It doesn’t have to cost money

Do you want to give the living room or bedroom a complete makeover or do you want to work with a few accents?? It does not have to cost a lot of money to bring the latest interior design trends into your home. With some small adjustments in your home, a wall that is painted or some decorations your interior already changes significantly.

Interior trends 2022

But do you really want to change your interior and after two years of sitting at home a lot I can totally imagine, what is the interior trends of 2022.

Warm colors

An interior trend you see this year is lots of warm colors. And soft fabrics. The past two years have caused people to look for more connection, more togetherness.

We want to embrace and with soft fabrics this feels right.

Sustainability comes first

Choose durable and think wood, you can do with it for years to come.But also you can give your furniture a second life by a new fabric or give it away to the thrift store.

The seventies with a modern twist

Earlier I talked about warm colors in this year’s interior design trends, warmth that we’re looking for because of the connectedness we may be looking for. These warm colors were also seen in the 70s. I remember at our house we had a purple rug and I think we had orange furniture. The trend of the 70s is characterized as very cozy and cozy. The modern twist in this trend is found mainly in the use of color.

No more hard orange, but the softer shade of orange, terra.

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Out of the box thinking

Furniture that stands out, is big and fills the room, striking materials, that you can mix and match, these are interior design trends in 2022. Popping color combinations, different woods, colored plywood, chrome and different colors to cushions. A splash of color can and should be in your living room this year.

Give your living room a new look

After two years of sitting at home so much, we all want something different in the house sometimes. You don’t have to transform your entire home, but with a few small details, small adjustments you can give your interior a whole new look. And whether you go with the interior design trends of 2022 or not, whether you go for color, sustainability or just an extra pillow on the couch.

Make your home your place!