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Children speak the truth

Children speak the truth

Drunk people and children speak the truth. They say it.. Now I have not been drunk for the last nine months. So I have little news to report in that regard.

We do have a toddler at home and since he should speak the truth … In any case, he is fair.

Since the little man can talk, I keep up with what he makes special and funny statements. Sometimes they are talks, sometimes discoveries but sometimes whole stories. However, his statements always come from, still, honest children’s heart.

I love that. He always gives us a special look in his toddler brain.


Last month he surprised a friend of mine with a particularly honest view of the housing of the average Dutch person. According to investigations, more than six in ten Dutch people live in a terraced house. You see that everywhere and the little man also regularly comes in a terraced house with family and friends. You would say that it is a normal and well -known housing for him, even though we live in a detached house ourselves.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In the car on the way home, Mr. looked out the window. He drove past a long block of terraced houses. Nothing special would you think. Until he said indignantly to girlfriend N; “ well!

Those houses are all stuck together!” He then also concluded that the gardens were also detained. It shouldn’t get any crazier?! Friend N tried to contain her laughter and responded with a terse ‘yes’;.

Once we arrived at home we laughed about it. Apparently this phenomenon had never really penetrated him. Grandpa and grandma, friends, family, they all live in a townhouse, but the toddler thought it was crazy and he said that all too clearly.


Last week he also had such a ’ n Momentje. In the baby room there has been a spare bed for some time when my sister comes to stay. Since the baby room would finally get the intended function, the guest bed had to be removed.

I told the little man that we would move the guest bed to the office of Dad. The well -known “ OHW, why then ” followed. As a joke I gave the answer; “ Well, if I am tired of daddy, he can sleep there.”

Then the toddler walked to Dad and told him we wanted to move the guest bed. ‘Dad, if you’re tired then you can sleep in your study.”

I didn’t come up. Well, children speak the truth, anyway?

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