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Design your own garden – tips

Design your own garden- tips

With the beautiful days to come, it’s nice when you can make your garden your own. Design your own garden according to your own ideas and taste. How to do it?

I give you tips here.

Design your own garden

Now that the nice weather is coming and we’ve actually already been able to enjoy it a little bit, you might also look outside once in a while and think;’ I’d like to change my garden a bit.’ But what do you want? What can you change, what style do you want in your garden? It sounds very easy;’Design your own garden!’ But what can you change about your garden now?

A garden made to measure

With the hot summers, a shady space is nice. A patio cover is often an extension to the house. It is a beautiful extension of the home. Outside is a little bit inside.

If this is possible in your garden, you can give your garden a whole new style.

Spacious terrace

The terrace is a prominent part of the garden. This is where you eat and drink. Preferably with a professional barbecue. In summer you can sit outside and laze until you go to sleep.

A terrace should be large enough to make that possible. For a seating area or a long table with plenty of seats. See where you have space to create seating areas so you can enjoy the sun and shade all day long.

The right proportion

The whole garden is not meant to be paved. A garden is necessary for drainage. After all, a garden without greenery is not a garden.

When laying out or renovating a garden a clear plan is needed. Finally, if you want to design your own garden, start with the first step and that is to consider what you are going to do in the garden. Do you want a large terrace, but also play space for the children or just an ornamental garden or vegetable garden?

A fine garden has a certain proportion of greenery and paving.

The standard garden

Many gardens in Vinex districts actually look the same. The shed at the back of the garden and a terrace adjacent to the house. The partition is usually overgrown with a narrow border. A small area of lawn where the trampoline will be placed. It looks like a standard where all residents have the same wish list.

Of course this is not the case. It requires expertise and creativity to design a narrow, elongated garden in a pleasant way. And you, of course, have a free hand in that.

It is your garden, your place.

Choose the right furniture

The same goes for the arrangement of garden furniture. Large lounge seating areas are in, but they should fit. Choose the right furniture that you need every summer day such as a large table and comfortable chairs. A canopy can add value, but also a spacious parasol can provide the necessary shade.

However, if you are an outdoorsman, a roof with heating will be high on your wish list. Then you can enjoy your garden all year round!

Make your garden your place

Every garden is unique and is tailored to the wishes of the residents. It does not matter whether your garden is large or small, but look carefully at what you want and what is possible. Design your own garden, first on paper and start moving around with garden furniture, a trampoline, make sure you have enough greenery and look at a parasol or canopy.

Make your garden your place.