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What made me happy 25

What made me happy 25

At the last minute! The 25 th edition of the things that made me happy. I started this series when I just started blogging so I have been blogging for almost half a year now.

Nice, nice. This week I just forgot to take pictures here and there. So this will be a shorter edition than you are used to. That shouldn't spoil the fun though, I just had some great moments this week.

Read along?

What made me happy

We started the week with a nice Sinter Christmas afternoon with friends. While enjoying drinks and lots of snacks, we played dice for presents. Little man was very happy that daddy won a Spongebob Sponge.

Every day he takes a bath with the sponge.

We also made up games of our own. We made a slide for the dino’s and that included a matching landscape.

This year the kids and I are going for the wrong Christmas. I wasn't looking forward to hoisting my post-pregnancy body into a dress so the wrong Christmas is the perfect solution. I still have to convince the husband so he does not have a bad Christmas sweater yet.

The little man liked it so much that he was wearing it today.
We are nice spontaneous dinner with z’n all. Little lady in the car and the rest of us enjoying ourselves. On the ceiling of the restaurant was this text.

Too much fun.

what made me happy

We went to the Cool event in Scheveningen. Sliding down the ice slide and skating on the ice rink in front of the Kurhaus. What a pleasure.

The dino landscape was very suitable as a cat basket. It remains bizarre that cats label every framed spot as a basket. You can't leave a newspaper or book lying around like that because it's being used as a lovely place to sleep.

Likewise with the little lady. She lay on her stomach on the ground for a while. Great place to cuddle thought my oldest British Shorthair.

Crazy cats.

We had a quiet but cozy week, now on to Christmas!

What made you happy this week? Do you also have Christmas vacation?

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