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Discover this vacation firefighter Lego at the PIT Safety Museum

This vacation, discover firefighter Lego at the PIT Safety Museum

In the safety museum PIT in Almere you can always go. This this Christmas vacation, however, there is something extra’s. Namely fire department LEGO.

Last week I already wrote an article about this as a tip for this vacation, now we have been there so I can tell you from personal experience what it was like at fire department LEGO and everything else on display at Veiligheidsmuseum PIT in Almere.

A day at the museum

During the two weeks of Christmas vacations many days were filled in. Still enough time left to go out. The day after Christmas we went to Almere. To the PIT safety museum.

First of all of course for the fire department LEGO that is here, but actually I was curious about the museum at all.

Temporary fire department LEGO

Due to the success of last year, the Fire Department LEGO exhibit will be repeated this Christmas vacation. With new incidents and a new puzzle tour. This allowed visitors of all ages to discover in an interactive way what is involved in the work of the fire department. In the exhibition, more than 100.000 LEGO bricks used.

Also this year there are beautiful fire department LEGO prizes to win.

When I told the boys we were going here, they were immediately excited. They love LEGO and the fire station was one of the first LEGO they got years ago. Fire and Police are always a bit magical professions, even for my children.

What did they think of it?

When you enter the museum both child and adult may dress up in police, fire or ambulance attire. The boys were given a scavenger hunt and immediately we ran into the Fire Department LEGO. Here they grabbed a form and looked up different situations, which were recreated.

This form they could fill out and place in the big ‘competition bin ’ The LEGO was beautifully built and the children looked mesmerized by all the situations in which a fire department can find itself.


Then we went further into the museum. Here were fire engines, ambulances and police vehicles, but also clothing of all emergency services to admire and we were in a real crime scene, where they had to find the perpetrator. The boys walked through the museum with their assignments and learned a lot about safety in the Netherlands.

They could get their fireman’s certificate (but it was so crowded that we walked on) and if you brought skates you could skate outside.


The museum

I had never heard of safety museum PIT before. And I think it would also be fun to go on a school trip. I thought it was definitely worth a visit.

Partly because of the LEGO exhibition, which was very popular with the boys. At home they immediately went to rebuild various fire situations from LEGO. The museum itself was interesting. It was not very big, but the vehicles were very nicely displayed.

The scavenger hunt forced the children to look carefully and attentively. The downside was that they were so eager to get to the next question each time that they forgot other parts of the museum. Also, they do not yet have the patience to listen everywhere and read all the signs. There was a lot of information.

Many also inter active. Because it was not busy, we could look and listen everywhere, except for the go-kart ride, where there was a long queue.

Our kids finished the scavenger hunt pretty quickly and don’t yet have the patience to read all the signs that were near the vehicles. They liked the Fire Department LEGO section the best of the museum. Because of this I personally found the price of the museum, for the time we were inside, quite pricey (also knowing that the fire department LEGO is only temporary). Well, the time you are inside depends very much on yourself (and children).

The entrance is free with museum annual pass, other prices are on the site. You can park near the museum in a covered (paid) parking garage.

For all information about security museum PIT, address, entrance prices and opening hours I would like to refer you to their site