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Skin products from Theophile Berthon

Skin products from Theophile Berthon. A gift for your skin

Theophile berthom Products are skin products inspired by nature. They are good for taking care of your skin and smell nice too. It is a French brand, but you come across more and more here.

Theophile Berthon skin products

A French brand founded at the end of the19th century. Now tries to revive old times with skin products inspired by nature. The products are formulated from raw materials and high-quality ingredients to create natural products that respect sensitive skin.

The range of authentic bath, cosmetic and perfume products are all natural and ethical.


I got to try a night cream, serum and body butter. What was described about these products and what did I think of them?

1. The nourishing night cream enriched with 6 natural additives including organic Argon oil. 75ml

Discover all the natural benefits of the precious oils of Theophile Berthon with a specific purpose, your skin care. Created to provide a rich cream for even more beautiful skin in the morning. Argon is known for fighting skin aging by restoring the Hydro lipid film of your epidermis. Scientific research has shown that Argon oil brings new energy to your skin and the vital functions of your cells.

Shea butter contains vitamins A, D, E and K especially known for fighting skin aging.

The night cream has a fresh scent, but it is not overpowering. I personally like that a lot. When I get into bed, I always rub my hands with coconut scented hand cream, lovely! But then I have little desire to smell of other fragrances.

So this night cream is ideal for me. The cream is firm, it doesn’t drip off your face if you don’t start rubbing it in soon enough. It spreads well and is quickly absorbed by your skin..

2. The body serum with 6 natural properties. 100ml

The body serum is the latest creation of Theophile Berthon, it is greasy and does not dry out the skin. Enriched with 5 precious oils: Olive, Macadamia, Sweet almond, Sunflower, Organic Camelina with -Tocopherol (Vitamin E). This nourishes and leaves the skin glowing, and the ingredients soften the skin and make your hair shine.

Full of properties because without water this product gives you a comfortable and subtle result.Thanks to the exceptional penetration of the serum, it spreads very nicely and gives a very nice feeling.

The serum comes in a pump and is therefore easy to distribute. You won’t easily use too much serum, but very dosed. It is greasy, but not so that you have to wash your hands immediately afterwards, because otherwise you would drop everything. It spreads well and absorbs into the skin very quickly.

The smell is nice, I think this is because of the sweet almonds and not too overpowering, but very fresh.A very nice product to use.

3. An intense body butter. 250ml

Incredibly rich by the 6 natural additives such as organic olive oil, this brings softness, comfort and suppleness to your skin. It is specially created to apply easily and penetrate easily without leaving a greasy feeling. The cream of Theophile Berthon gives an intense and long-lasting result throughout the year.

Fall for the tender and melting texture of a complete skin care product.

Fall for the tender and melting texture of a complete skin care product.

Personally, I find body butter always very nice to use. And this body butter from Theophile Berthon has a fine texture, spreads well and does not stay on the skin. The scent of the body butter is very nice. But then really, really nice!

I honestly tend to keep smearing a little bit on my arm because it smells so good.


The skin products of Theophile Berthon are very fine. Not only in use, but also in smell. The natural products are a gift to my skin.

The night cream is fresh and spreads well. The Body butter not only lubricates very quickly, but smells incredibly nice and the serum is greasy, but nice and oily. Not too much, but such that you feel your skin gets a boost.

A gift package like this costs € 59.90. On the site of Theophile Berthon you will find many more natural skin products.