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Coconut care products that bring you to summer

Coconut care products that bring you to summer

The smell of coconut, delicious. Is it perhaps because it reminds you of summer? The taste of a Pina Colada?

The smell of coconut oil when you are tanning? I love using care products with the smell of coconut. These are my favorite brands.

The unique aroma of coconut

The smell of coconut, reminds me of sun, beach and vacations. That’s why I think I like the smell so much. My sister who lives in America knows about my fascination with the coconut smell.

She always makes sure that when I come, my parents are with her, or they come to the Netherlands themselves, that she brings me a product.

Body butter from ILOVE

For example, she surprised me once before with the body butter from I Love Cosmetics and then gave me coconut & cream body butter. This coconut scented body butter costs €5,95 for 200 ml. I always like a body cream, it’s easy to dose how much you need and very spreadable, it is immediately absorbed by your skin.

The coconut & I don’t see Cream on the website, but I do see Strawberries, for example & Cream and Raspberry & BlackBerry.


This year my sister surprised me by giving to my parents a body scrub and lotion of J.R. What to give Watkins. This product is not sold in the Netherlands unfortunately, although I also like it very much that I can buy it in America when I am here. The body scrub is very nice. The texture of the scrub feels nice and because it comes in a tube, the scrub comes out dosed, so you never have too much in one.

The body lotion has such a strong scent, when I apply it in the morning I can smell a slight hint of coconut all day long.

Curious to see more skincare products with coconut? Look here for a collection of products

Care products with this scent at Kruidvat

Saint Nicholas recently blessed me with a new body lotion, Inecto Pure Coconut Bodylotion, which is on sale at Kruidvat and costs €3.75 for 250 ml. There where J.R Watkins lotion might smell a little stronger, this Bodylotion from Inecto smells really quite pure. When I have this on my hands, I can really smell the Pina Colada that I love so much.

Not only does the lotion smell delicious, it is also easy to dose so I don’t have a blob on my hands and it spreads nicely.

This is my list of coconut products, do you know more? Let me know because I never get enough of it.