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Ice Cream Seasonal Tree

Ice Cream Seasoning Tree

Pffff hot! Heatwave! We Dutch always love to argue about the weather. It’s never good. Too cold, too wet. too dry and now too hot.

In house Bblogt We’ll just make something nice out of it. So to escape from the heat for a while, we tackled our seasonal tree. Snuggled inside at the dining room table, we turned it into a veritable Ice Cream Seasonal Tree.

A few weeks ago I introduced you to our seasonal tree. This one was then decorated with summer bugs. After all, our little man is crazy about finding critters. However, now that it is so hot we are busier with the little pool and the mud kitchen than looking for bugs. Time to give our tree a makeover.

The theme was quickly chosen; an ice cream seasonal tree.

We used different colors of paper and drew ice creams on the fly. Since we now eat them more often than usual there was inspiration enough. Some cutting and pasting later I had three cones with ice cream balls. The blue one is smurf ice cream by the way. Little man loves it, even though it tastes like oversweet and chemical gum.

Then we really had to eat three ice creams because I needed the sticks for the three water ice creams. Hey, how annoying. Little man also loves watermelon so he wanted a few pieces of that in the tree too. No sooner said than done. I stuck all the ice creams and water melons in the tree with double-sided tape.

So now there is a real ice cream season tree on the little man’s table.

Ideas for even more summer trees are plentiful so who knows, maybe in a few weeks another photo of a new makeover will appear. It remains fun to make and is generally so done. Now it is time for some ice cream.

Cooling down.

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