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In2chieq- For little princesses bridesmaids and damsels

In2chieq- For little princesses, bridesmaids and damsels

Gala dresses, mylittle pony tulle dress, an Elsa dress or ballet costumes. At In2chieq Little dancers and princesses can have a blast. You can also go here for bridesmaids and damsels.


Every girl wants a princess dress, because how cute is this?? Girls will really feel like divas at In2chieq. The colors, the tulle, they make every girl a princess!

Ballet costumes in all colors.

The ballet suits come in different colors and designs. With or without sleeves. With the suits you can buy matching tutu’s in the same color or in a completely different color.

Because the tutu’s come in so many colors, same one in the colors of the rainbow.

Party dresses at In2chieqe

In2chieq's party dresses are beautiful. Tight at the top and tulle below. Both with long and shorter skirt. The site distinguishes between party dresses, gala dresses and tulle dresses.

The party dresses are in many colors, with or without a bow, lace, long or short. With the gala dresses you see a little more tulle and lace, but in a party dress you can also go to a gala party just fine.Also the bridesmaids dresses are too cute!

Tulle dresses

Tulle dresses from In2chieq are the dream of many girls. Because who doesn't want to walk around in an Elsa dress? Or in a Mylittlepony tulle dress?

They look so beautiful. The choice of sizes is not that big anymore. Of many dresses there are only one or two sizes still available.

But on the home page of the website I see that the stock will be expanded so if you have a little princess in the house, I would definitely keep an eye on this site.

In2chieq goes international

Funny thing is, that I saw on the site of In2chieq at the last under various international, here you can find super cute Chinese dresses in different colors.

In2chieq is not only an online store, the store of In2chieq is in Leeuwarden, if you live in the neighborhood I would definitely take a look in this colorful, princess store.

photo image library/ free image by fredy martinez enamorado via Pixabay