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You can score children’s parties with these delicacies

Children’s parties: With these delicacies you score!

Children’s parties. That means liters of coke, kilos of candy and cookies and a gigantic cake to conclude. Not really original, anyway? It can therefore be completely different! Nowadays you have so much more goodies that appeal to the small audience.

With these delicacies you will definitely score at every children’s party!

Children’s parties with cupcakes

Cupcakes have replaced the birthday cakes and you can now also count this delicacy among classics, but it is one that remains hugely popular! Not for nothing, since you can go in all kinds of directions with this delicacy. Do you have little time or not so many baking skills? Then there are plenty of nice tents where you can order personalized cupcakes. If you are in a creative mood, you can fully enjoy yourself.

But perhaps even more fun to involve the kids and let them decorate the cupcakes themselves. This is a perfect idea for a children’s party. Fun guaranteed!

Homemade Lemonade

Leave all those sugar -rich bought drinks and choose homemade lemonade! Go for seasonal fruits, healthy sugar alternatives like honey or stevia and finish with sparkling water. Super simple, but just as tasty and a lot healthier than the average soft drink.

You can of course also experiment even further by adding herbs to the drink. Come out surprisingly from the corner with a strawberry basililum lemonade or one with lemon and lavender. Countless combinations are possible, when you make lemonade yourself.

To complete the whole, choose a nice presentation. Serve the lemonade for example in a nice can or a nice tap, so that the kids can top up their drinks themselves. Choose original cups such as jars and cheerful straws for an extra festive feeling.

And provide extra fruit to add to the cups themselves.

Frozen Yoghurt

Frozen Yogurt is a healthier alternative to ice cream. Nowadays you can find this in most supermarkets and it is not that hard to make yourself. As with the cupcakes, this is a perfect snack to get the kids involved.

Let them get started with all kinds of toppings in order to completely personalize their Froyo.

The advantage is that you also have something in hand of how healthy or unhealthy it happens by ensuring a variety of toppings. So think of fresh fruit and nuts, but also sweets, sprinkles or chocolate sauce. You can be sure that it will be feasted.


Popcorn is no longer the sticky, sweet snack that you only eat in the cinema. In recent years it has evolved into a trendy snack. You can opt for a salty, spicy variant as a snack. Such as popcorn with chili or rosemary.

Or you can go for the classic sweet popcorn, but with a little more, such as popcorn with honey and a pinch of cinnamon.

Do you want to make it completely fun? Then make a real popcorn bar! Rent or borrow a popcorn machine and provide those nice containers or bags to serve the popcorn in. Furthermore, provide the party with some nice toppings, such as flower sugar, mini-marshmellows and herbs.

Success guaranteed!