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Industrial interior – choose a table from old wood

Industrial interior – choose an old wooden table

A Old wooden table, a robust leather armchair and a sturdy pendant lamp, all ingredients for an industrial interior. An interior that besides being warm and cool is characterized by a unique combination of materials and colors. But what kind of table of old wood can you best choose for this now?

I’ll show you.

An old wooden table, an eye catcher

An old wooden table fits perfectly in an industrial interior. Because of the color, the material and the appearance, the dining table is often the centerpiece of the living room, and that is allowed. Because a table of old wood is just the place where you want to sit.

Are you looking for a wooden table with sturdy legs and a solid tabletop then a monastery table is the table for you.

A monastery table as a centerpiece

Where previously the convent tables were made of oak, you now also buy them in pine or teak wood. A monastery table you see a lot in an industrial interior because this table of old wood is so beautiful robust, but this table actually fits in any living room and is therefore also found in a bohemian, rural, or modern interior

Choice in a monastery table

If you have your eye on an old wooden monastery table as a new table for your home and your industrial interior, then the selection really begins, because what kind of dining table do you want?. So you can choose from a round monastery table, square or rectangular, but also reject formats or a more rural monastery table is a possibility. So be well informed and immediately look at which table leg you want under the table, because here too you can make a choice.

A rural and industrial interior with old wooden planks

Features of an industrial interior are besides a beautiful old wooden table, also leather armchairs or a sturdy pendant lamp. But also look at the wall. For this you can choose rough materials like a brick wall.

On the wall fits then again beautiful old wooden shelves on which you can put accessories or the green of plants.

Add color to your living room

Now your industrial living room with that old wood table and those leather furniture may be missing a bear of color. Choose cushions in different matching colors or look for a nice rug. But plants also bring color into your interior, especially when you want to give it that bohemian or rural touch.

Choose a sturdy metal or concrete plant pot.

No theme to your living room

By choosing a theme in your interior, for example industrial, you create peace and unity in your home. Here you can certainly choose different materials, such as a table of old wood and sturdy metal bar stools at the kitchen island. Just by playing with materials you get that beautiful warm atmosphere in your home.